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Ability Tree Visit...

This past week I’ve had the privilege and honor of being with U.S. Missionaries Joe and Jen Butler for the Grand Opening of their NEWLY BUILT Ability Tree Center here in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Ability Tree is a non-profit organization that comes alongside individuals and families impacted by disability through R.E.S.T. (Recreation, Education, Support, Training). They are having such a major impact in Arkansas, New Jersey, and Florida. I have been in relationship with this ministry for about 10 years now. To see their new space, and so many people from the community embracing them was awesome. They are able to meet the needs of families within churches and communities. While celebrating with the Butler‘s, I was also asked to speak at the home church in town, called, “The Assembly.” They invited me to speak in the morning and evening of their spiritual emphasis week. The Lord moved in such a great way. I rely heavily upon the prayers of our church back at home also the prayers of the members who serve on our prayer band ministry. These are individuals who have committed to praying for my family and the ministry. I also spoke at their Gentry Campus. There were salvations in the morning and evening as well as a sweet move of the Spirit around the altars in the morning service. We witnessed God use two individuals in the area of

spiritual gifts as described in 1 Corinthians 12. The Gifts of Tongues and Interpretation. Incredible word of encouragement that coincided with the message. As a result of those gifts happening, there was a young man who felt compelled by the Spirit to surrender his life to Christ. AWESOME!!! I have more Regenerate Services this weekend in Arkansas City, Kansas. Looking forward again to seeing what God has in store.

- Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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