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Ministry Report: April 2022

We are so honored to serve the body of Christ and His Kingdom through the office of the Evangelist. I heard this quote and it has really impacted the way I see my role. As evangelists, we are not guest speakers, we are soul winners. We share the gospel for the purpose of telling people about the love of God in hopes to win the soul for Jesus.

In the beginning of the month, we traveled to Trinity Tabernacle of Gravesend located in Brooklyn NY. This is a special place. This was the first church that called me and booked us for a service when I became an evangelist. This is also my birthplace. Growing up without Jesus in my home had a huge impact on the way we lived our lives. So coming back to the birthplace to preach is always special. Rev. James Pinto is doing such a great job touching the community. Friday night the Lord moved around the altars as young people committed their lives to Jesus and many of them were touch and filled with the Holy Spirit. Saturday morning, we had a men‘s breakfast, where I witnessed God touch the men who were present. Such a sweet fellowship. Sunday, I preached in two services. One inside the church building, the other service was held in the project development (low income families), where there’s so much crime and poverty. In both locations, we witnessed so many people coming to Jesus. It was encouraging to see.

The same week, we traveled to the University of Valley Forge where we ministered in the chapel service. It’s an awesome thing seeing so many students having a deep desire to seek Jesus for the purpose of following Him. Later that week I had the opportunity of leading a group of 6 people on an overseas missions trip to Sri Lanka. This was my first time to Sri Lanka. This was a special trip in so many ways. My daughter Carmella, who has sensed the call of God to missions since she was a little girl, now had an opportunity to travel with me. God used her and the team in such powerful ways. We had an opportunity to host services for the students of missionary families. I never understood how much our missionary families are up against until we ministered to them. I watched God heal so many of the students that continue face so many difficult challenges. Many of the students re-committed their lives to Jesus through water baptism. There were so many tears but so much joy that followed. My life will forever be changed. The leadership of the Assemblies of God in Southern Asia was so impressed with our team and the ministry. Pray for continued open doors.

The last weekend of April we ministered at our local church where we serve as Staff Evangelists. We are so honored to serve the local church in this role. Challenged the congregation in the call of God. The call to follow Jesus in order to do what God has called us to do in this season. The messaged was well received by all evidenced the altar response as many people allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to them in such powerful ways. We closed out the month ministering at one of our partnering churches, Bethany Church in Wyckoff NJ. Once again, so many people around the altars calling on the Name of the Lord. In this season, people are so hungry for Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray with us and for us as God continues to open up doors for ministry. Our hearts continue to be to see people come to Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you would like more information regarding the ministry please visit us at

Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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