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Coming Home!!!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

After ministering in the Midwest for 10 days and enjoying the ministry there, I always look forward to coming back home. I had an extremely busy weekend ministering at our home church. I always love coming back to report to our church where we serve as Staff Evangelist, once a month, of all that God continues to do through our ministry. This weekend, I preached my brains out. lol. Almost literally. Friday night, Saturday morning, & Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of speaking at the youth conference called Pursuit. This is a 2 day conference for the students to simply pursue God. But God pursued them. After fasting 21 days, I am so excited to report that 21 students of those who attended the conference are scheduled to be water baptized as a result of what God did during the services. I then had to get changed to minister Saturday night for our main church to kickoff the series, “Love & Lies.“ Close to 300 people in attendance on a Saturday night is incredible. But it’s what God did in that service as another Individual responded to the call of salvation. People worshipping around the altars experiencing the power of the Spirit of God. I then had to get rest for the next day, where I had to minister in 2 more services Sunday morning. 6 services in 2 days. God continued to move in hearts and lives. As 6 more people received Christ as their savior. Altars were full of individuals singing out and calling on the Name of Jesus. The presence of God was so strong in all the services. Nothing like ministering back at home. But the best part of coming home, is simply being with my family. Catching up with my kids is simply the best. The Lord is faithful. I believe the Best is still yet to come. In the month of January, through our ministry we have seen so many people come to Christ, rededicate their hearts to Christ, and experience the presence of God in the area of healing and deliverance. We trust the Lord for more results. Amen.


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