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Ministry Report: January 2022

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Prior to the start of our 2022 calendar year, we have recognized God’s faithfulness within the ministry of Regenerate. We have connected with hundreds of Pastors and Congregations across the nation and world. God has opened up strategic doors for effective ministry. We recognize the grace of God upon our lives and ministry. We want to take this time to thank all of our supporting churches and individuals who faithfully contribute financially and prayerfully each month. Our team is committed to making sure that we remain focused to the vision, mission, and core values that the Lord had given us since the very beginning. We exist to ENCOURAGE leaders, EMPOWER people, and ENGAGE community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We remain passionate to see the lost found, the sick healed, those who are bound set free, and believers filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Gospel can reach all people who are near and far.

In the month of January we have witnessed countless individuals receiving Jesus as Savior, Healer, and Baptizer. We kicked off the year ministering at our Home Church at Marlton Assembly of God where we serve as Staff Evangelist. I thank God for this partnership. They continue to be a great support to my family and ministry. We have witnessed the favor and blessing of God through this covering and relationship. In the evening of that First Sunday, we traveled from Marlton NJ to minister in Newark NJ at our former church, Vailsburg Assembly of God. We encouraged the Body of Christ at both locations to remember that God is on the Throne, God is in Control, and God has the answers. We were asked by the leadership to help ENGAGE both congregations and it’s leaders through the week of prayer and the 21 days of Prayer and Fasting. It was during this time where we witnessed God do miracles in peoples lives.

The following weekend, we were invited by Pastor Brian Fisher and Life Chapel in Point Pleasant to preach in both the morning services and special evening service with a strong emphasis on people having the opportunity of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit as promised in the scriptures. This has been a tremendous answer to prayer and also steps towards obedience. The Holy Spirit nudged us to ask Pastors and churches for an additional service(s) in order to allow more time to seek Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. As a result, more people are being filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

We thank God for one of our major monthly supporters in Pastor John James and Bethany Church in Wyckoff NJ. Through their Kingdom Builders Missions Program they have partnered with us in helping us reach people through the gospel. I have the privilege of preaching their once a month on a Sunday and during their midweek prayer service. Each time we minister their the Lord helps us to speak into the lives of the people within the congregation. It’s such a great partnership.

Next, we traveled to Toms River NJ for our first Regenerate Marriage Conference of 2022. There were many couples who gathered for a time of encouragement and practical biblical teaching to help them grow in their relationship with God and each other. We are witnessing our marriage ministry grow each year. We are scheduled to have 7 marriage conferences for 2022. We are so excited. In addition to our marriage conferences, God has called us to help mentor couples for the purpose of seeing God raise up healthy relationships within the body of Christ. One of the couples are scheduled to get married this summer. It’s a miracle. God turned it around for His glory. We will be officiating the wedding. The best is yet to come. Following the marriage conference, we ministered on that Sunday morning in 2 services. We experienced once again, the powerful hand of God through the person of the Holy Spirit. Many people are testifying of being set free from their past and are equipped to serve Jesus and follow Him. In the evening we ministered with Pastor Paul Jackson of Delran for their night of worship and prayer with an emphasis of Spirit Baptism. People are hungry for more of Jesus and His power in their lives.

Finally, we ended the month the same way it began…Breakthrough. We preached 4 nights of our Regenerate Services in Shrewsbury NJ. Each night carried a different focus. On Tuesday night, we prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many people were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. I was walking near one individual around the altar and before I could even pray with her she began to be filled with the Spirit. It was so awesome to see God’s people being filled one by one. Testimonies are rolling in of how the Lord is healing, forgiving, and restoring relationships.

Thank you to all of our monthly supporters. Your prayers and financial support along with your partnership is crucial in helping us reach people with the gospel. We are experiencing the goodness of God within our lives and ministry. If you desire to become part of this ministry and in what God is doing, visit us at

For Jesus and His Glory

Evangelist Jermel Mayo

Ministry at Vailsburg AG

These are really special people to us. While ministering as Lead Pastors in Newark NJ they were such a key family of our Congregation

Ministry at Bethany Church Wyckoff NJ and Life Chapel in Point Pleasant

Marriage Conference in Toms River and Ministry in Delran at Calvary Church

Regenerate Services in Shrewsbury at First Assembly. So many people touched by the Lord.


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