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Journey Through Israel Day 3

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Today we had the privilege of traveling through the Land of Dan. This was the same Dan that records Abraham‘s encounter with individuals who snatched up His nephew in Genesis. It records Abraham rescuing lot with 318 men. As we were driving through the land I could only think of one thing... We are literally riding through the Bible. Someone said, “when you come to Israel, you will hear the land speak.” And that’s exactly right. We spent the majority of our time near the Golan Heights. We have the honor of being toured by an ex Para Tropper from the Israeli army who fought in the 6 day war in 1967. He mentioned to us he was one of the first troops to get to Temple Mount and the Western Wall. So we are getting first eye-witness information on the attack that Israel is constantly under. It’s truly a miracle that they were declared a nation. Near the Golan heights was the Syrian Border. As our guide shared with us story after story I could only be moved to a great commitment to prayer and intercession for the nation of Israel. We are truly having an amazing time togeher.

-Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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