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Marriage Conference Weekend... Vailsburg A/G Newark NJ

We were back at Vailsburg AG in Newark NJ this past weekend for their Marriage Conference Weekend. What a treat for Michelle and I to go back to the place of our “Spiritual Birth” to pour into that church body. Specifically marriages and families. We do about 4 to 6 marriage conferences each year in partnership with the pastor and local church. This was special for many reasons. Each conference that we do, God moves in such a unique way in each heart and life. Breakthrough happens by the time we come to the end of our conferences. We always had the desire to do a marriage conference while serving as lead pastors of this church, but we were never able accomplish it. So we were thrilled when about a year ago we received the call from Pastor Adriana, Lead Pastor, that she was interested in having us come in and provide this ministry. The atmosphere was set. The leadership did such a great job of taking care of all the details for this day. Couples came in and were ready to learn and grow. Thank you again Vailsburg AG for allowing us to share God’s Word and our lives with all of you. We are scheduled for a second marriage conference with Vailsburg AG in Feb. 2021. We are so EXCITED to do it all over again.

Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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