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Ministry Report: April 2021

Great ministry opportunities and connected with incredible ministers and churches throughout the month of April. With 18+ years of ministry experience as a pastor in the local church it has helped us to effectively minister. We began the month of April ministering in a place where it all began for us, Vailsburg Assembly of God in Newark NJ. The is the place that developed us as followers of Jesus Christ. For 18 years Michelle and I have served in every area of ministry. This is still home to us. It saddened our hearts too see Vailsburg Assembly of God along with so many other churches, struggling during the pandemic. It was in danger of losing its influence and presence in the the largest city of New Jersey. I witnessed God through the generous people of Marlton Assembly of God and the leadership of Senior Pastor Jon Wegner rise to the challenge in rescuing the church. Vailsburg celebrated with the members of Marlton AG on Easter Sunday for their first service back in over 5 months. God is good. To be present for that service was good enough. To be asked to preach was an honor.

The same week we were invited to host a 3 day Regenerate Conference at Branch Point Church in Bridgewater NJ. We experienced salvations, healings, and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We loved partnering with Pastor John and his wife LeeAnna Colonnello. This is another great comeback story for this church. On this same weekend Michelle and I were invited to speak at a Marriage Conference in Wyckoff NJ at Bethany Church. We are so thankful for the partnership we have with Pastor John James, his wife Susie James, and Bethany Church. They continue to bless our ministry whenever we are with them. One of our most powerful marriage conferences thus far. With over 300 people attending this conference, Michelle and I witnessed God touching and restoring marriages and relationships. It was incredible. We followed up with 3 Sunday morning services where I preached the gospel and witnessed individuals surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.

The following week we hopped on a plane to head to Arkansas City Kansas. We were hosted by Ark City First to do our Marriage Conference along with our Regenerate Services. Pastor James and his wife Shonda have become special friends of ours in such a short period of time. The church welcomed us and our ministry with open arms. So many marriages encouraged that weekend. Pastor James even conducted a small impromptu wedding ceremony of a couple from the community. He asked those who attended the conference if we would stay to make this couple feel special and valued. It was so good. I heard that this couple attended church a couple weeks later. On Sunday, the altars were full of people surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.

The following week we walked into what we believe was a divine appointment. We were asked to speak at a Spanish Eastern District Youth event in Philly. I love when the Lord opens the door to build relationships with people of different backgrounds and cultures. It’s the beauty of the gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s was Heaven on Earth is all about. God has given us the ability and gift to minister cross-culturally & cross-generationally. While there we met the lead pastors Mark and Wanda Novales. Amazing couple God is using to reach the City of Philly. We believe God has brought us together for such a time as this to reach the inner cities of America.

In the final week of April we were back ministering at Marlton Assembly of God with the emphasis on the person of the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing like ministering at our home church. We closed out the month of April during a mid week prayer service back at Bethany Church. We preach there every other month on Sunday and Wednesday. I love how the leadership acknowledges the role of the Evangelist in the local church and embraces it on a monthly basis. Lord, May more churches and pastors embrace the gift of the Evangelist. It’s a gift from you for your church.

We would love to partner with you and your church. Would you consider partnering with us on a monthly basis through prayerfully supporting our ministry financially. We are a 501C3 nonprofit. Help us to reach more and more people for Jesus. Visit us at


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