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Ministry Report: February 2022

Our ministry calendar is full for 2022. February was a month that was full of God’s presence touching lives of the people in the many churches we visited. February started the way January ended: Holy Spirit led and empowered. We finished up 4 nights of Regenerate Services with Pastors Tim and Kim Harris of Shrewsbury First Assembly. Many people experienced the Promise of God through the receiving of the Baptism of Holy Spirit. So many people filled the altars each night. One highlight of the night was that several of our Groundzero School of Discipleship students were able to travel with us and participate in the ministry of music.

Next we traveled to Baltimore, Maryland with Pastors Gavin & Shekinah Brown for our weekend Marriage Conference and Regenerate Service. The Holy Spirit healed so many relationships and hearts leading into Valentines Day weekend. There was a married couple who attended the conference who was separated for close to one year without any contact with one another. I witnessed the Lord perform a miracle right before my eyes as both couples are committed to making things work and were praying together around the altars on Sunday. Our God is a God of reconciliation. We were invited back next year for part 2 of our marriage conference.

I traveled alone the following weekend to Arkansas City Kansas with Pastors James and Shonda Newman. This was my 3 trip for ministry there in Kansas. There’s such a hunger for the power of the Holy Spirit. 3 days of Spirit-filled services. One individual confessed around the altars how the Lord saved him and set him free from thoughts of harming himself. He said he felt the presence of God come upon him and delivered him from the clutches of Satan. Praise God.

Next, I got on a plane to travel to Puerto Rico for a Global University networking event. Michelle and I got a chance to meet so many incredible Pastors around the United States who are making an impact in the area of missions through Global University. We heard testimonies of how the gospel is reaching people around the world and pastors and leaders are being equipped through the Word of God to make disciples. We left encouraged and rested.

Next, I preached at our home church at Marlton Assembly of God in Marlton NJ with Pastor Jon & Miriam Wegner. I am scheduled to preach once a month in the role of the staff evangelist. I love serving our local churches, but I love preaching at our home church. God is moving in such a powerful way. I was able to encourage the people of God to have Christ-centered marriages and families. So many people responded to the altars and are seeking God to bless there homes. That same week during a MDWK Service with Pastors John and Susie James at Bethany Church in Wyckoff NJ, the presence of God continued to be so strong. One couple came forward and experienced breakthrough in their relationship. The Lord led me to pray for healing amongst the people present and online. There was such a powerful presence of God around those altars. There were gifts of the Spirit operating in such a great way.

Finally, we ended the month of February with a bang. Friday and Saturday we were with Pastor Ron Squibb and ICC of Staten Island NY for their Friday night service and Young Adults Conference on Saturday. The Lord moved powerfully around the altars as we challenged people to draw close to Jesus and to be open to more of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We were accompanied by Jed & Alison Hill of Youngstown, Ohio who are a sensing a deeper desire for ministry in the role of an evangelist. God is raising up and sending people our way to equip and train to do the work of the ministry. Wow, the Lord is so good. Next, we all were with Pastors Mark & Wanda Novales of City Reach Church in Philadelphia PA. We experienced again and again, a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit as well as many people give their lives to Jesus.

Thank you to all the pastors and churches supporting us in the role of an evangelist. We can’t do it without your prayers and faithful monthly support. If you are wanting to partner with us financially and prayerfully at Regenerate Ministries please visit us at

God bless You,

Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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