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Ministry Report: December 2020

In the month of December ministry looks very different than any other month. Michelle and I committed December to be a month of reflection, retreat, and rest. We take time celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ together as a family. Our evangelistic ministry shifts from ministering in churches to ministering amongst my neighbors and family members. They say, ministry starts at home. God has given Michelle and I am incredible family, but also greater opportunity to reach our loved ones with the Gospel during the Christmas season.

We completed the year with preaching in North Jersey at Bethany Church in Wyckoff NJ and Marlton AG where we serve as Staff Evangelists. The presence of the Lord moved in such a special way. We continue to see so many hearts opened to receiving the gospel and accepting Christ as their Savior. The entire Mayoclan took advantage of the season by simply being together. We attended the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at Marlton AG. What an incredible service. It reminded us of the beauty of our Savior, but also encouraged us to share the gospel wherever we go.

After Christmas we have a tradition of traveling into the City (NewYork City), as a family. We love to just be with one another. As the calendar year ended and January began, the Lord blessed us with an unexpected gift. Just before the Holidays, we mourned the loss of our dog Brooklyn. She was with us close to 14 years. We loved her so much. We all knew that the time was getting close when her health was going to fail. We just didn’t know that it was going to happen during the holidays. We all took it extremely hard. Several weeks later, while browsing a dog rescue site, I came across a beautiful pit mix named Lazarus. The name caught me by surprise so did his eyes and fawn color. The moment I saw him, I knew God was going to provide for us. And that’s exactly what happened. The Lord is so faithful even in the little things.

We are so thankful to so many of you who support us on a monthly basis. Thankful for the churches who partner with us faithfully so that we can fulfill the call of an Evangelist.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


Jermel Mayo


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