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PennDel Youth Retreat WK 1 - Carlisle PA Bongiorno Conference Center 1/15/21-1/17/21

What an incredible weekend we had with the students and youth leaders at the Bongiorno Conference Center in Carlisle Pennsylvania. It was nice getting back to ministering to students in a conference like setting. There is nothing that compares to preaching the gospel and witnessing the power of the Holy move in unique ways when people, especially students gather together. Even in the midst of a pandemic that has hindered so many people from gathering together, as God’s children, we have a mandate to connect together in worship. It was awesome to get from behind screens and preach and minister with students in the room. The place was filled with the presence of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Night one, many of the students either accepted Christ or rededicated their lives to Christ. Day 2 in the morning session, it was a continuation of what the Holy Spirit wanted to accomplish that weekend. Students were challenged to come to Jesus and allow Him to transform not just their hearts, but also their lives. Which set the tone and stage for the night cap, as I ministered on the power of the Holy Spirit. Giving students and leaders an opportunity to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit as described and demonstrated in the book of Acts. Many students were filled with His Spirit and empowered by Him. Day 3 on Sunday morning I witnessed God call and commission these students to proclaim Jesus and the gospel. What good is it if students receive the gift of the Holy Spirit but don’t do anything with the gift. The purpose of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit (gift), is power for witnessing. I am anticipating wonderful reports from this network in the coming days, weeks, and months. One girl afterwards testified to being called into the ministry on the last morning. Serving children through missions. Amazing things happen when the church gathers together in seeking the Lord. The theme of the retreat was, “New Thing.” God is doing a new thing amongst us, but it is to fulfill what has already been written from old... “Go into all the world...” Thank you Pastor Lee & PennDel Youth for the invitation. Looking forward to hearing great testimonies from this weekend. To partner with us financially at Regenerate Ministries in reaching people with the Gospel, visit us at . Become a partner today.

Evangelist Jermel Mayo

Regenerate Ministries


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