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Preaching the Gospel in Brooklyn NY.

If you would‘ve told me when I was 10 years old, while living in Brooklyn N.Y. that I would be preaching the gospel at this point in my life, I would've thought you were crazy. While growing up in Brooklyn, the only thing I was committed to was the game of Basketball. It was our only way out of the hood. It was our ticket. It was our escape from a life of drugs, gangs, and violence. I came from a great family. My mom held it down for all of us. She made it to every school program and basketball game. She would drive us around the city every weekend so my siblings and I can compete in the game of basketball. This past weekend, I had a flashback moment when I was standing in front of these families from Brooklyn, sharing the gospel. I was invited to share my testimony during their basketball outreach. It was as if I was speaking to myself. I was once in their shoes. I knew exactly what they were facing in their lives. The obstacles and the challenges that come from living in the City. The next day, I was back to share the gospel with the community on a Sunday morning. I had a blast sharing the gospel and witnessing God save souls. I thank God for what He has called me to do. I also thank God for the partnership of churches and individuals who support us and the ministry on a monthly basis. It allows me to keep preaching the gospel. Reaching the Cities and Touching The World With the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We know that we are not alone. We believe God will send us more partnerships so we can continue the work that God has called us to.

For His Glory

Evangelist Jermel Mayo

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Evangelist Jermel Mayo
Evangelist Jermel Mayo
Jul 25, 2020

We were so blessed to be part of this event this past weekend and rejoice with those who accepted the Lord into their lives.

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