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Spirit Filled Churches...

In this season that God has called my wife and I to serve in the role of traveling evangelist we have noticed more and more the difference in ministering in churches who are open to the Spirit of God and give time for Him to move in His power. In these churches, there is an expectation and anticipation that God is going to do something special. In these churches, there is an expectation of salvation, healing, deliverance, and people to be filled with the Spirit. In my recent trip to the Midwest, I had the opportunity of ministering in two incredible AG churches with pastors and leaders who were not just open to the Spirit of God, but who positioned their congregations to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Whenever I am invited in to speak in a church, I want to be sensitive to God but also sensitive to that churches culture and D.N.A. That comes from the leader who is leading that particular congregation. The moment I walk into a church, I can almost instantly know, feel, and sense what they value. Churches who are open to Holy Spirit also demonstrate a reliance on God through prayer. The corporate worship experience is completely different, and God Is able to move freely in hearts and lives. That’s exactly what happened while ministering in the Midwest.

I was invited to preach at The Assembly in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It was for the purpose of closing out their spiritual emphasis week. What a great time. After preaching I gave an altar call as I always do, in giving people an opportunity to respond to the messages. I first called for individuals who wanted to give their hearts to Christ. The second, was for anyone in the house that needed a miracle. As the altars were full, we simply worshiped and prayed. Then we waited for God to speak to us by His Spirit. While we waited on God, it happened! Someone lifted up their voice in an “unknown Tongue” as described in the Book of Corinthians from the Bible. Someone else, on the other side of the room, gave a clear interpretation. Bible says, if a person lifts up their voice in a unknown tongue, which is a gift of the Spirit, should wait for the interpretation. And that’s exactly what happened. She then said, “Stop running away from me. Come to me.” After the service I caught up with the lady and her entire family who God used to speak in Tongues. She was in tears. She said, “God never used me in this way before. That was the first time ever. But I was so scared. But God was telling me to just open your mouth a speak the words I give you. Don’t be afraid.” She then said, “So I did it, but God used that message to save my son this morning.” I don’t think you caught that. The same woman that God used to speak in tongues is the same woman who has been asking God for the salvation of her son. She was obedient, and God used that obedience to bring salvation to her son. Wow.

It’s amazing what happens when we allow the Holy Spirit to be in charge of our churches and services. He knows how to do church better than anyone. I also had the privilege of sharing at Ark City First AG in Arkansas City, Kansas. Met some amazing people there too. We had 3 powerful services that were led by God’s Spirit the entire time. On Saturday night, there was a young girl who received the gift of salvation. After receiving Christ she was compelled by the Spirit to confess to her pastor that she had been harming herself through cutting. She confessed and said that Jesus has set her free. She said, I must be water baptized. That night, the leaders filled up the water baptism tank and had a baptism service at the end of the Sunday service the next day.

There is nothing like ministering in Spirit Filled churches. It’s my prayer that every church would be open to the Holy Spirit. We will experience the supernatural and the people will be set free and open to be used by God. We will experience more miracles and outpourings. Thank you Pastor James Newman of Ark City First in Arkansas City, Kansas and Pastor Gary Wheat of The Assembly in Siloam Springs, Arkansas for allowing me to share with your congregations. Blessings.

-Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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