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Sunday Service at Calvary Lighthouse Lakewood NJ

The Lord has opened up tremendous doors over the past 2 years to partner with churches near the NJ Shore. This weekend, I had the privilege of ministering at Calvary Lighthouse in Lakewood NJ with Pastor Spencer Click and his wife Heather. What a beautiful congregation. From the moment Michelle and I got out of the car we were welcomed with smiles and warm greetings. This was the first time we have ministered here. We always love going to places for the first time. We love meeting new people in various places. From the greeting to the opening prayer, we knew that God was going to move in a mighty way. I preached a message entitled, “Expectation and Anticipation.” I have learned that every evangelist should be locked a loaded with a message that points people to Jesus and Prayer. That’s exactly what this message does. Jesus said, “And My House Shall be Called A House of Prayer For All Nations.” Calling people to Jesus and Prayer creates such a powerful atmosphere for miracles to happen and for lives to be impacted and transformed. At the end of the service, I gave the call for salvation giving people an opportunity of receiving Christ as Savior. Hands went up one by one, as I was able to lead people in the sinners prayer. While preaching I can feel such a hunger in the atmosphere. We were so blessed by being in attendance and ministering amongst this congregation. We were able to connect with Pastor Spencer and his wife Heather over a meal. The fellowship was precious. May the Lord continue to add to your number those who are being saved. Today (Monday morning), I received a message from a lady who was in the congregation who mentioned, “It felt like you were speaking directly to me.” This is our prayer. That God would speak by His Word, and signs and wonders will follow. Looking forward to ministering again with all of you there at Calvary lighthouse.


Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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