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The Church of The Hills Bedminster NJ

While serving as a lead Pastor in Newark NJ, I was often asked to speak at difference churches, retreats, and conferences and events. I remember specifically getting a call from my good friend Evangelist Greg Hubbard (8 years ago) about a church in New Jersey who needed a speaker for their youth winter retreat. He said, “if you don’t mind, I recommended you. They should be calling you buddy😂.” If you know Greg Hubbard he always calls me buddy. At the time, I wasn’t traveling much to speak at other churches. But it started happening little by little. Greg Hubbard has served as a good friend and mentor who God continues to use to this day to encourage me in the call to be an Evangelist. So getting a recommendation from him is always humbling. He gave me great advice early on that I would never forget. He said to me, “people will have you in the first time because of a recommendation. They will have you back a second time because of results. They will have you back after this because of relationships. Well, The Church Of The Hills in Bedminster NJ has been having me back year after year for close to 10 years now. The relationships I have developed here has been very special. I have great memories of how God poured out His Spirit at every winter retreat I was part of as a guest speaker. I witnessed youth get baptized in the middle of the winter time in Lake George in Upstate NY. A lot of the teens are now older and have graduated college and even gotten married. They always tell me because of what happened at these retreats is why they are serving the Lord today. Praise God. There is now a new generation rising up at this church. I was there this past Sunday, and the Lord did it again. Amazing how this church is growing healthy today even in a time of transition. The people and the fellowship here is sweet. The people are hungry for the Spirit of God to move. I young lady wrote to me how her son was Baptized in the Spirit around the altars yesterday. While I was putting on my microphone near the sound board, the Lord spoke to my heart about coming alongside this congregation and assisting them and serving them in any way they needed while they search for a pastor. What a great church and Jesus cares about the success and future of this church. This church is not just a place where I preach, this has become a place of extended family. While on my way to the service from South Jersey, where our family now resides, the GPS took me near the college campus of Rutgers New Brunswick. This is the school my oldest daughter Lizy will likely be attending in the Fall. As I passed by the stadium I asked the Lord to lead her and us in this decision. Prayed that the Lord would bless her future and use her to reach this campus for Christ. God is good.


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