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University of Valley Forge

This past week I was invited to speak in two chapels at UVF. There is something special about being in an atmosphere where the Spirit of God is able to move freely in the lives of students. The emphasis this week has been on the Person of the Holy Spirit. In both chapels the altars were full as we waited on the Lord through prayer and worship. There is a hunger that I have not seen in quite some time on that Campus. The culture has shifted for the good. Today, after chapel I was invited to share with a class “Pastoral Ministry & Practice.” The students were engaged and had so many questions about the role of the Evangelist and Evangelism. They wanted to know about altar calls and how to lead people to Christ in services. This is the conversation that needs to keep happening. God is raising up another generation whose not afraid to be Spirit-Filled in a practical and modern way. This weekend we will be in North Jersey on the campus of Calvary Temple in Wayne NJ for a marriage conference and Sunday Service.


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