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Bridge of Hope Church: Youngstown, Ohio

We have been serving in the role of Evangelists for 2 years now now. But we have been traveling and speaking in churches for years now even while lead pastoring in Newark NJ. One of the relationships we have formed is with Pastor Doug Reed and his wife Sam Reed. They were youth pastors at a church in New Jersey when we first met. We met at a youth retreat where I was invited to speak. This was close to 10 years ago. 6 years ago Doug was called to pastor a church in Ohio. I still remember the conversation I had with him in my office. Our friendship goes beyond the pulpit. That’s my brother in Christ. After praying for him, I knew he was called to pastor the church there. Now he has been there for 6 years and is killing it for Jesus. He invited Michelle and I on several occasions to preach there in Ohio. We built so many relationships. The church quickly became an extension of our family. We go back there every year, but this time as Evangelists. They are great supporters of our ministry. They have supported my missions trip to India and other initiatives I have asked for them to partner with. They are quick to meet needs when they arise. This past weekend we have noticed how much God has done through the years. To witness the growth in their leadership and church is so encouraging. They are going to be renovating their sanctuary, parking lot, and welcome area. This will be a place where people will receive Christ as their savior. Today in service God moved in such a prophetic way. We prayed for the leadership and stood with Pastor Doug and his wife. God has called us to stand with Pastors and hold up their arms. Michelle and I are not superstar Evangelists. We simply are Christs’ servants. It’s about lifting up the Name of Jesus. More individuals received Christ as their Lord and Savior today. Praise God. Keep up the good work BOH. Can’t wait to see all of your in 2020 unless Jesus returns. Keep serving the Lord. #Regenerate


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