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Journey Through Israel Day 1

Michelle and I have been looking forward to coming back to Israel again, but this time with our 2 oldest girls. After exploring the land and fulfilling a dream of ours a couple years ago by coming to Israel, we knew that we had to come again. We didn’t know that God would put a strong burden on our hearts to allow all of our children to experience Israel at least once before attending college. We read all throughout scripture how it’s so important for us to tell the next generation of all the things God has done. We are to pass them down to our children and our childrens children. And now, two years later God has fulfilled that dream of ours by allowing our 16 yr. old Lizy and 14 yr. old Dani to join us. We are here with a group of people from NJ and Ohio. Already we have visited Caesarea, where the gospel was first introduced to a group of gentiles through Peter to the house of Cornelius. The story found in Acts 10:24. We went to Mount Carmel where I had the opportunity of sharing a devotional on one of the major events that took place in Israel’s history... the showdown between Elijah and 450 Prophets of Baal. We walked through a Water Cistern that dates back to 8 BC built by King Ahab, King of Israel. We are finally resting up a bit near the Sea of Galilee where Jesus first called His disciples to follow Him. Pretty cool first day. #Israel2019 #Regenerate #MayoClan


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