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Journey Through Israel Day 2

The morning began by waking up near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It’s not everyday that you get to say that. We started the day off with a delicious breakfast. We left the hotel early in the morning. Just a few minutes away from the hotel was an excavation site in Magdala, named after Mary Magdelene from the Bible. This site was discovered in 2009. That’s incredible. People are still finding Holy Ground. This location is believed to be the site where Jesus would teach and preach in the synogauge. It was so interesting to see how they lived life and did life. They were a community. We took a bus ride to the site of the Beatitudes. I got chills as the tour guide asked for permission to read the beatitudes in Hebrew in order to get a sense of Jesus teaching his disciples. That was powerful. We then at a delicious lunch at Peter‘s restaurant. This restuarant sits just off the Sea of Galilee. We quickly jumped back in the bus and headed towards the boat that would take us across the Sea of Galilee. But the highlight of my day was not the food or fellowship. Instead, my high point was getting the opportunity to baptize my girls Lizy and Dani in the Jordan River with Michelle looking on. Really awesome time. We are having an amazing time together. Day 2 was great.


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