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Journey Through Israel Day 5

Today was a really full day. We traveled to the Mountain called Masada. This is the place where it’s believed that close to 1000 Jews lived from AD 66 to AD 73. When the Romans came and destroyed the City of Jerusalem as well as the Temple in AD 70 they went to this mountain as well where they discovered that more Jews lived. It took the Romans and their soilders approxinately 10 months to get to the Jews. But by the time they got to them the Jews had already committed suicide. They said, “We rather die free than to live as slaves.“ One of the coolest things they found on the mountain after the 6 day war in 1967 was Ezekiel 37. ”Will these bones live again?” The story is amazing. We then got a chance to swim in the Dead Sea which is always a cool highlight. #Day5 #Israel2019 #Regenerate


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