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Ministry at Marlton AG

I have the privilege of serving as the Staff Evangelist at Marlton AG. The leadership and church have committed themselves to supporting the family and I in order for us to do what God has called us to do: that is reaching lost people with the Gospel. Once a month I get to come and share what God is doing through our ministry as well as preach the Gospel in whatever current series that is happening at the time. We are having a blast serving the Lord in this role. The partnership has been an amazing blessing both ways. This past Wednesday I had the opportunity of leading our first United Prayer Service of the new calendar year. We take a break for the summer. We had 540 people in attendance which exceeded the goal of 500 people. We honored our leader Pastor Jon and his wife Miriam by looking back at God’s faithfulness through their lives in order to believe God for good things in moving ahead. We met around the altars and prayed together. Over the weekend after preaching at a men’s retreat the Lord gave me strength to preach 3 services at Marlton AG. The Lord was faithful. Many individuals received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I was encouraged by many individuals saying, “What I timely word. You don’t know how much God used you to speak into my life today.” It’s a blessing to know you‘re right where you are supposed to be doing exactly what God has called you to do. This weekend Michelle and I will be ministering together at a Marriage Conference in North Jersey at Calvary Temple in Wayne NJ. Please keep us in prayer.

Evangelist Jermel Mayo


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