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Vailsburg AG... Newark NJ

It’s always great whenever I get the chance to preach the gospel in North Jersey. But to do it at Vailsburg AG in Newark NJ is SWEET. This place represents everything for my wife and I and our entire family. It was the year 1999 when I first walked through these doors for the first time. I got saved on the campus of Montclair State University, but it was here where I was grounded and grew in my faith. It was here where my wife and I married, and dedicated our children to the Lord. It was here, where I learn to serve Jesus with the gifts I discovered that He gave me to use for His glory. It was here where I heard Jesus speak to me when He called me into the ministry. I am just a kid from Brooklyn NY. The enemy’s plan was to destroy this inner-city kid through poverty, drugs, alcohol, peer-pressure, and evil. But God’s hand was on my life, even when I didn’t recognize it. But God! This past weekend was different for us. You see, while pastoring Vailsburg AG we always had missions in our DNA from the very beginning, even before I arrived. Our church was birthed out of missions. But when I became the pastor my prayer was for us to raise up our very own to serve the Lord on the missions field. My prayer was for the Lord to raise up more black and brown children to go to the missions field overseas to reach more people for Jesus. It didn’t happen while I was there. But the Lord is so good. Now serving as an evangelist, Michelle and I get to partner with awesome churches and ministries that are doing amazing things for the gospel. One of those places is International Christian Center in Staten Island. I met a young, 24 year old, African American lady named Marilyn. She mentioned that she was called to the missions field, “Togo, Africa,” to reach people for Jesus. She is a Missionary Associate with the Assemblies of God. My eyes lit up! I felt the Lord call me to partner with her to see her get to the Field as quickly as possible. When God speaks to us and shows us a vision, sometimes it doesn’t happen in the time and in the way that we thought. I felt the Lord say, “Bring her with you, wherever the doors open for you.” Wow!!! You see as a missionary associate with the AG it’s tough for them to raise support. They can’t call churches. They must be invited to come in. They rely on God to bring connectors into their lives. Well, that is where I come in. God is calling Michelle and I to prepare the way for those to come behind us to keep the gospel moving. First stop... of course I chose the place that helped me. I called Pastor Adriana, and she said, “of course.” Marilyn knocked it out of the park this past weekend. She showed and shared her story. God’s hand is on her life. And would you know it, the next place where she will be sharing is on Saturday, at the church that helped us get to the field as an Evangelist, Marlton Assembly of God. Wow! You can’t make this stuff up. I don’t want God to just work for me, I want him to work through me. God is so good. Can’t wait to see what God does through Marilyn. My prayer is for more doors to open for all of us! #Regenerate



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