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International Christian Center. Staten Island NY.

I was back at ICC this past weekend preaching in all 3 Sunday morning services. I love ministering there. I love the pastor, the congregation, and the activity of God that continues to happen there. During the second service in particular there was such a strong presence of God that rested in that place. While ministering in God’s Word you can literally feel and hear chains breaking and people being set free as they listened intently as the message was being preached. The worship was dynamic, and the altar response was awesome. Many people not just raised their hands to receive Christ, but took a giant step forward to respond to coming forward. The power of the Holy Spirit was moving in such a beautiful way. Check out the message I preached on the “Timing Of God.” #Gospel #GodIsGood #Regenerate #Service #Evangelist #Encourage #Empower #Engage


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